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The Secrets to CS5 #3 – New Text Engine in Flash CS5 Professional

Welcome to Day 3 and Secret No.3 – The New Text Engine in Adobe Flash Professional Cs5!

The New Text Layout Framework (TLF) in Flash CS5 gives you complete control over your text layout. It also gives you support for multi-lingual, flowable text. Loads of improvements here: including right-to-left text, multiple columns, and countless ways to apply styling to text. An amazing feature!

TFL gives you creative control over the display of the text in your Flash projects. Here is a screenshot of a part of a Properties Panel with all new features for TLF Text:

New Tfl Text Engine in Flash CS5
New Tfl Text Engine in Flash CS5

One of the functions that I have been waiting for for a long time was the ability to create multiple column layouts in one block of text. And now we have it here in Adobe Flash CS5 Professional!

I hope you have a fantastic day! Till tomorrow!

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