The Secrets to CS5 #1 – Repousse in 3D in Photoshop CS5

This one is great. As you are probably familiar Photoshop comes in two versions: Standard and Extended (it all started with Photoshop CS3).

The Extended version adds 3D capabilities and now finally a fantastic new feature called Repousse! Repousse among many things that it can do, it can now create 3D text! You can also add lighting, textures and reflections. Pretty amazing.

The term Repousse describes a metalworking technique in which object faces are shaped and patterned by hammering on the opposite side. In Photoshop Repousse converts 2D Objects into 3D meshes which you can easily extrude and reposition in 3D space.

Without any more theory I will show you an example as on screenshot below:

Repousse In Photoshop Cs5

Very nice effect and so easy to apply.

The next Secret will be revealed tomorrow.

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