Store Everything on one SD Card

SD 5.0 Memory Cards

Soon you may be able to store everything, all your films, music and photos, on one memory card.

SD Association, group that sets memory card standards, just announced a new specification – SD Express. SD Express specification adds PCI Express and NVMe interfaces to the memory cards, increasing data transfer speeds to a whopping 985MB per second! That’s faster than most SSDs!

New specification can be applied to future SDHC and SDXC memory cards but will require additional pins for extra bandwith.

SD Association also announced a new format – SDUC (SD Ultra Capacity), which will support memory cards at up to massive 128TB! And with this capacity, you could store your entire library on one memory card. Obviously, a possibility of having a 128TB memory card is just a theoretical probability and even when it comes out it will be very expensive. Even now, there are 512GB memory cards but they cost hundreds of pounds (at the time of writing £200-300).

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