Some subtle new improvements in Photoshop CS5

psEnhancedHeaderThere’s been many new features in Photoshop CS5 and everyone is talking about them but what about the subtle small improvements that bring some interesting new effects.. These seem to be forgotten when most people focus on the “big” features.

So today, we’ll have a look on some subtle improvements in Photoshop that make a difference in your workflow.

Here we go:

Straightening Images – now in CS5 there is a new Straighten button that you may have not noticed. Use the Ruler Tool to draw a straight line along the horizon (or anything else that should be straight) and now, instead of using the Average, click the Straighten button in the Options Bar.

Ruler in Photoshop CS5

Rule of Thirds – did you notice that Photoshop CS5 now displays the rule of thirds when using the Crop Tool? This is a great new feature that helps you with compositing images.

Opacity for Multiple Layers – did you know that now you can select multiple Layers in the Layers Panel and change their Opacity at one go? I’m pretty sure you’ll love it! A great little improvement that makes a whole lot of a difference.

Improved Close All Command – Can you remember how you want to close all the files that are open in Photoshop and for every file Photoshop will ask you whether you want to save the changes? Can you remember clicking on Yes or No for every single image? I’m sure you do. 😉

Now with Cs5, you don’t have to because there is a little new checkbox inside the dialog box that allows you to automate it so to say, so you do it once and for all. 🙂

Save All in Photoshop CS5I hope you enjoyed this little preview of some little, tiny improvements in Photoshop CS5. They do really make a difference and make working with Photoshop even more pleasureable, don’t they?

Enjoy and see you tomorrow! 🙂

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