Sneek Peek No.2 Photoshop CS6

I hope you enjoyed the sneek peek of the new Adobe Camera Raw 7 in Photoshop CS6 I shared with you.

Today, it’s time for another sneek peek preview of yet another new feature in Photoshop CS6, or actually two of them.

First, the new enhanced saving in Photoshop CS6. Now, you will be able to save the file and as Photoshop CS6 is saving it, you can keep on working on another file at the same time.

Photoshop CS6 will save the file in the background, and it will display the progress on the tab of the file like that:

background save in Photoshop CS6

That’s the first new feature in the preview. Now, the second one is the enhanced Liquify in Photoshop CS6.

Watch the video by Zorana Gee, a product manager for Photoshop CS6 and remember, enjoy! 😉

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