Red Bull Collective Art with Adobe in London

Red Bull Collective Art with Adobe in London!

On June 5th to 7th, Red Bull Collective Art with Adobe will hit London as part of a three day exhibition.

The exhibition is free of charge and open 11am – 5pm each day. It is hosted at Red Bull Studios, London Bridge.

What is it?

It’s more than 2,000 individual pieces of artwork (90% of which, were created using Adobe Creative Cloud tools) have been brought together to create one piece of ‘collective art’ measuring a massive 1.3km in length – that’s 500m longer than the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

The project saw contributions from 85 countries and brought ‘Cadavre Exquís’ into the digital age by layering multiple pieces of art created by different people to make one collective piece. Of the 2,000 people that took part, 500 submissions were from the UK, testament to the extraordinary creativity of our nation. Each contributor had one hour to put their artistic stamp on the final piece of artwork, which is now being exhibited in a variety of unique settings around the world, giving members of the public the opportunity to see this ground-breaking piece of art.

To learn more about the project, visit its website:

Red Bull Collective Art.

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