Raw Technology Preview in Lightroom Mobile for Android

Lightroom Mobile

As I read somewhere, Lightroom has always been about helping users get the most out of their images.

A new version of Lightroom Mobile for Android – Lightroom Mobile 2.2 – brings a new feature called “Raw Technology Preview“. What it means is that from now on you can import raw photographs from your SLR or Mirrorless camera directly into Lightroom Mobile, and apply a number of corrections or copyright information as you’re importing them into Lightroom Mobile.

Raw file formats you can import into Lighroom Mobile are all file formats supported by Camera Raw! So pretty much all of them 😉

Not only that but with this update to Lightroom Mobile you can now import images straight from a camera that you plug in into your Android device(!) using a PTP – Picture-Transfer-Protocol.

Which means you can just plug in your camera into your Android phone or tablet using an OTG cable and import images straight from the camera into your Android device! 😉

Here you go! Enjoy! 🙂

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