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Photoshop Touch now available for Amazon Kindle

Photoshop Touch for Amazon Kindle

Great news for Amazon Kindle users and Photoshop enthusiasts!

Today, Amazon announced the availability of Photoshop Touch for Amazon Kindle Fire HD (8.9 inch)!

Adobe worked closely with Amazon to enable Adobe Photoshop Touch on this device, and are proud to announce that it is available for purchase in the Amazon Marketplace immediately for US$9.99.

Here’s the link:

Amazon Marketplace.

Adobe are also announcing support for the updated 7-inch Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD devices. What that means is that Photoshop Touch is now optimized for both 8.9-inch and 7-inch screens, giving users a great experience on all recent Kindle Fire devices.

Photoshop Touch

And also, as Adobe says:

The Photoshop Touch team is constantly looking at new devices and form factors and is committed to bringing the core Photoshop features to new devices.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend! 😉

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