Photoshop CS6 upcoming changes

Adobe Photoshop CS6Adobe announced upcoming changes to future updates for Adobe Photoshop CS6.

I mentioned in one of the previous posts about changes for Photoshop CS6, one of them being future versions of Adobe Photoshop not supporting Windows XP any more.

Now, Adobe announced another new change:

” All subsequent Photoshop feature updates specifically for Creative Cloud members will also require 512 MB of vRAM in order to use the 3D features found in Photoshop CS6 Extended. “

This is not totally new, Photoshop has been indicating recommended 512MB of vRAM in the past, but from now it it is going to be a requirement. If you don’t have required amount of vRAM (and you’re trying to use 3D features in Photoshop CS6, this is for 3D features only), you are going to see a dialogue box saying:

” Photoshop has detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported for 3D, and has temporarily disabled 3D functionality. Updating the driver of your graphics card may resolve the issue. “

Users of Photoshop CS6 using 3D features are encourage to start upgrading their graphics card to take full advantage of 3D capabilities in coming updates to Adobe Photoshop CS6 through Creative Cloud.

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