New SD 5.0 Memory Cards

SD 5.0 Memory Cards

SD Association announced that they’re releasing a new specification for SD memory cards.

The latest specification goes under the name SD 5.0 and it features the fastest speeds for memory cards. There is a new feature here as well for video – Video Speed Class.

The new SD cards will be able to support video recording in 4K as well as in 8K. Plus super fast saving of images onto memory cards.

New SD memory cards will have the new signage for Video recording – the mentioned new Video Speed Class – which is going to have markings of V6 to V90 – these relate to minimum speeds for SD memory cards.

V6 will have a minimum speeds of 6MB and this will go upwards all the way up to V90 with 90MB speed.

Here’s the breakdown on Minimum Write Speeds for SD Memory Cards:

  • V66 MB/s (same as Speed Class 6)
  • V1010 MB/s (same as Class Speed 10 and UHS Speed Class 1)
  • V3030 MB/s (same as UHS Speed Class 3)
  • V6060 MB/s
  • V9090 MB/s

As Brian Kumagai, SDA president, said: “With video speed class, SD device and memory card manufacturers can offer the highest-quality video recording to consumers and professionals that keep pace with the awesome video resolutions not only offered today, but anticipated tomorrow.

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