New Firmware update for Canon EOS 7D arrived

Canon EOS 7D firmware updateThe new firmware update for Canon EOS 7D has arrived.

Firmware version 2.0.X brings all the latest technologies to Canon EOS 7D. It keeps the EOS 7D on the cutting edge of technological innovation by adding user-requested innovations developed for Canon’s high-end EOS cameras:

  • a higher maximum burst rate for continuous shooting,
  • definable maximum limit for ISO Auto,
  • compatibility with the Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2, and
  • manual audio level adjustment during video shooting and during review.

Also some other enhancements include:

  • faster scrolling of magnified images,
  • quick control during playback,
  • in-camera RAW image processing,
  • JPEG image resizing and ratings,
  • customization of file names and time zone settings

According to Canon, the download is coming soon.

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