Match Colour in Photoshop

Match Colour in PhotoshopHave you ever tried to match colour in two images in Photoshop?

Let’s say you have two images and you want them both to have the same colour tonality – now you can do that in Photoshop using Match Color! 🙂

The way it works is that you can adjust colour tonality in one image to match it with the other image. You can take a series of images and make them match in colour so they look like images taken at the same time with the same colour conditions.

You will be using two images where one will be called source image and the other target image.

Make sure you have both images open and make the target image active. Navigate to Image -> Adjustments -> Match Color. This opens Match Color dialog box.

In the dialog box, at the top, you will see the name of the image that serves as a target – in my case Child.psd. In the Image Statistics area select the source image from the Source drop-down menu. Immediately you will notice that your target image changes the colour tonality.

No you can use Fade slider to fade the effect (to tone it down a bit). You can also adjust the brightness of the image using the Luminance slider and you can adjust the saturation of the image using the Color Intensity slider. When you like the effect, just press OK to accept all the changes.

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