Master PDF Slideshows in Adobe Bridge CS5

master PDFs in Bridge

Adobe Output Module within Adobe Bridge CS5 allows to create PDF contact sheets and Slideshows.

One can take a collection of images and easily create a PDF slideshow presentation.

To create PDF slideshow, you will need to specify playback options which are extremely easy to customize, everything is described and easy to use, it’s just a matter of moving the sliders and previewing the effect..

The ability to create PDF slideshows was new in Bridge CS4, so the technique in the video that I am about to show works in both Bridge CS5 and CS4 (with the exception of  a Watermark section – new in Bridge CS5).

I remember when the Output Module was added soon after Bridge CS4 was released – at that time it was a much-requested ability to create PDFs and Web Galleries.

So without further ado, please enjoy the video that I have created for you:

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