Lightroom Quick Tips

LightrooomThis time, I’ve got some Lightroom Quick Tips for you. Some time savers and unknown keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently and quickly inL:ightroom. It’s all about getting up to speed, using keyboard shortcuts effectively and mastering Lightroom.

I am always on the lookout for new things to learn about Lightroom, whether it is a new keyboard shortcut or a menu I missed somewhere, there is always something new to learn to become the master in Lightroom.

Here’s a couple of Tips and Tricks in Lightroom for you for today. If you have any favourites, share them with us here. I’ll be happy to post some more of these magical Tips and Tricks for you.

Let’s start:

  1. Use / (forward slash key) to compare original version of the image with the edited version after making some adjustments to the image – in Develop Module
  2. Use L key on the keyboard to dim the lights so you could focus on the image itself. The Lightroom interface will get darker and the image will stay the same. Press L again and the whole interface will go black (except image once again).
  3. Get access to all keyboard shortcuts for the Module you’re in by pressing Ctrl + / (Mac: Cmd + /).
  4. Use J to display Clipping on images.

I hope you enjoyed these little Tips and Tricks. See you tomorrow!

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