Lightroom 6 Deadline drawing near

Adobe Lightroom 6 discontinued

As reported a few days ago, Adobe announced that they will discontinue Lightroom 6 towards the end of the year and that there will be no Lightroom 7, which also marks the end of perpetual licence.

The clock for the end of Lightroom 6 is ticking.

Adobe have just announced a compatibility update for Lightroom 6, which adds support for Fujifilm X-E3 and Nikon D850 cameras. But what about discontinuing Lightroom 6? Could this be the last update Adobe were talking about?

Well, no. As Adobe stated, the last update to Lightroom 6 will arrive towards the end of the year. Here’s what Adobe have to say:

As we align our investments in the direction of supporting our subscription-based products, the last version of Lightroom 6 will be coming out towards the end of the year. If there is a camera not supported in Lightroom 6, you can use the DNG converter before importing your images into Lightroom 6.

After this final update, Lightroom 6  will not be supported any more. You will still be able to keep using it but there will be no more updates.

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