Lightroom 5 Issues

It’s been a few days since Lightroom 5 launched and we have been excited about the launch, haven’t you?

However, there seem to have appeared some new issues since Lightroom 5 launch just a few days ago.

The issue have just been discovered and the Lightroom team keeps working on them.

Here’s one of them – when exporting images at less than 30% of their original size, the images may not keep some of the adjustments like Noise Reduction and Output Sharpening.

Another issue that apparently appeared in Lightroom 5 is with presets disappearing in Lightroom 5. Some users reported that when upgrading a catalogue to Lightroom 5 catalogue, user created presets were not migrated to Lightroom 5.

Here’s the solution/explanation from Adobe:

This only occurs when the “Store Presets with Catalog” preference is checked (enabled).  Within Lightroom 5, the “Store Presets with Catalog” preference will be unchecked (disabled).  Please check (enable) this preference and the missing user created presets will return.  Please note that this only occurs on Mac.

Otherwise, enjoy Lightroom 5! 😉

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