Lens Flare Effect with Photoshop

Hello everyone,

Let’s talk some special effects today. Have you ever wondered how to add this special effect with lens flare on the image?

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Lens Flare effect with Marek Mularczyk - Flare filter adds a very interesting effect and you can easily customise it. You can easily change the position of the filter and the effect that’s being applied – there are a few different “lenses” in the effect when you launch the filter like on the screenshot below:

Lens Flare Effect with Marek MularczykThere are a few things to consider, however. What if you want to be able to change it later on? You won’t be able to change the settings if you apply the filter straight to the layer. I’ve found a solution to it and I am demonstrating it in this video that I have recorded for you. I hope you will enjoy it and that you will learn an interesting new technique.


Enjoy! 🙂

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