Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had really good time on New Year’s Eve and are eager to start a new year with lots of improvements in personal and professional life.

A couple of Photoshop tricks as promised last year. Actually to be precise I have someĀ  Adobe Camera Raw tricks for you:

1. Press Shift and Double Click the slider to apply automatic adjustment to one tone control.

2. Double-click the slider to return the tone control to its original value.

3. When you use Exposure, Recovery & Blacks sliders, hold down Alt to preview Highlights and Shadows clipping.

As promised, I am also enclosing some images from Canon EOS 7.

The first image is an image of the White Cliffs near Dover in Southern England. The photo was taken at sunrise on 19th of December when we were crossing the English Channel.

More images will follow soon.

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