Greyed out Filters in Photoshop…

Filters Header Hello hello, It is Friday already and I hope you are enjoying your week. First of all, thank you for visiting the blog and reading the posts. I hope you are enjoying them. Today we have a Photoshop topic, actually a problem that occurs sometimes and people are wandering what to do. I get this question very often on the Photoshop courses are run. For those of you who are Photoshop users, has it ever happened to you that you were trying to apply a filter and it was greyed out? It happens to all of us from time to time and then you are wandering what happened and how you are going to fix this. Here is how it looks:

Missing FiltersThen you start wandering what went wrong and how to fix this, right? Are you thinking about reinstalling Photoshop? Some people do…

There are a few reasons and there are two most common ones:

  • you are in 16 but
  • the image is CMYK image (not all filters are supported in CMYK)

Changing the colour mode or bit mode will fix the issue and you are ready to go! 🙂 This was a quick tip for you for a weekend! Remember, Monday is Photoshop Lightroom Tv day!

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