Fixes for Lightroom 3 coming soon

Hello everyone,

I know that many people were complaining about the performance of Lightroom 3 and I have found out from the guys from Adobe that there are some fixes coming soon.

There will be a fix for a mistake in the way cached previous are being build. This should especially get noticed while browsing through the images in the Loupe View on a big monitor.

As Adobe says: ” There’s may still some memory buildup issues in Develop to root out, especially around the caches used to improve interactive performance while brushing and spotting, but there’s more analysis to be done there and as with any caching we have to be careful not to slow things down by caching too little.

We should get some more information quite soon.

As soon as I know more, I will inform you here so stick with me.

For now, have a fabulous day and till tomorrow! 🙂

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