Enhanced Adobe Kuler

You know Adobe Kuler, right? If you don’t here is a short description of what Kuler is:

Kuler is a cloud-based application for making colour themes using an iPhone or using your browser.

With Kuler on the iPhone, you can capture colour inspiration wherever you are, using the camera or camera roll.

And because Adobe know people need options, so Adobe guys also redesigned the Kuler website; it’s rich, responsive and tablet-friendly.

Now, Adobe enhanced Kuler.

Here are some of the enhancement coming to Kuler:

1) Reduced borders around individual colors in a theme.

Now you can see more of each color and the play and interaction between them.

2) A colour wheel in two sizes.

With a click, the wheel can be larger when you need it and smaller when you don’t.

3) You can now extract colour themes from an image.

The original Kuler web app included the ability to extract a theme from an image. That feature is back. Just click the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Create page and choose a photofrom your library.

To check new features, visit Kuler website:

Adobe Kuler.


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