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End of Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Bsuiness Catalyst discontinued

Adobe’s Business Catalyst – their go to service for database-driven websites and services (online shops, shopping carts, etc) is coming to an end.

Adobe bought Business Catalyst back in 2009 and offered it to users who could use it with Adobe Muse-based websites to add shopping carts, etc.

As Adobe are refocusing on their products and services, they’re announcing the end of development of Business Catalyst. Business Catalyst will not be developed by Adobe anymore. New websites will not be available for purchase either, starting from 18th of June 2018.

Existing websites will stop being hosted by Adobe’s Business Catalyst on 26th of March 2020. Adobe are encouraging customers to download their websites and move onto other hosting providers before this date. All customers’ data will still be available until 26th of March 2020. After this date, all data will be deleted.

All sites will be deleted, including paid-for sites. Also, no new features will be developed on Business Catalyst.

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