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Could this be the best tablet?

Acer Iconia A500 tablet review with Marek MularczykLast month I posted here about one of the amazing tablets, probably the best tablet on the market at the moment.

iPad is a great tablet, I’m not denying that. But, it’s heavily overpriced, you pay for the logo, for the brand. If you’re ok with that, no problem. I understand.

However, if you want a good value tablet for a decent price, watch the video that I have created for you.

There are many reasons why I wouldn’t buy an iPad, however this is just my personal choice. iPad is a fantastic tablet from a design point of view, but it has many flaws in my opinion and I prefer more open Android tablets.

So I thought I would create a video for you so you could watch my review of Acer Iconia A500 and decide what you think.

Enjoy!  😉

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