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Could this be iPad killer?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1You can’t miss them. They’re everywhere. They are changing our lives and it looks like they’re going to stay with us for longer.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about tablets. When people think about tablets, most of them think of an iPad, but don’t be misled because there are lots of other alternatives to an iPad and some of them are much better than an iPad.

And that’s where Samsung comes in being one of the best tablet manufacturers and as it stands at the begining of 2013, the most popular tablet maker worldwide. And I can see why, their tablets are very good and very well priced.

I recently got my hands on the best Samsung tablet so far – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – and I thought I would create a review for you. Samsung managed to pack a lot of features into Note 10.1, much more than the latest iPad. Here are some of the great features of Note 10.1:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Apple iPad 4)

Weight – only 597g (iPad – 652g)

Expandable Memory – Yes, up to 64GB (iPad – No)

RAM Memory – 2GB (iPad – 1GB)

WiFi Direct – Yes (iPad – No)

Infrared Port – Yes (iPad – No)

USB Host – Yes (iPad – No)

Camera with LED Flash – Yes (iPad – No)

Processor – Quad-Core (iPad – Dual-Core only)

GPS – Yes (iPad – No)

Java – Yes (iPad – No)

Battery stand by time – Up to 1500 hours (iPad – up to 720 hours)

Battery talk time – Up to 33h 20 min (iPad – up to 10h).

From this you can see that iPad lacks almost everything. The only area where iPad comes better is the screen resolution (not that people notice anyway). Other than that, it lacks almost everything you would need in real life when using a tablet.

To sum up, I recorded a video for you. Here you are:

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