Canon PowerShot G1X preview

In the last couple of months, we have seen a number of mirrorless cameras emerge from major camera brands like Canon and Nikon, and some of them become quite sophisticated at what they do.

Now, Canon shows a preview of its’ brand new mirrorless camera – PowerShot G1X. The camera looks very similar to other existing G-series models, however it has some different, exciting(?) features. It has a large sensor and a 4x zoom lens (equivalent to 28-112mm). It also has a number of manual controls (that’s something quite common to G-series). Canon says that it will be a perfect companion to a high-end DSLR camera. The price quoted for this camera is around $799.

Canon Powershot G1X
Canon Powershot G1X

The sensor in G1X is 18.7 x 14mm, so it’s a bit smaller than the one used in DSLR cameras, but bigger than in most compacts. Because the sensor in G1X is just a bit smaller than in DSLRs, we may expect a very high quality images from this camera.

G1X is not supposed to replace G12, even though they have a lot in common. It is just a supplement to the line of Canon cameras. An aperture range on G1X is quite good as well – F2.8-5.8. And it’s quite compact in size thanks to fixed lens on the camera.

We shall expect some tests from the camera soon. And, because it is a G-series camera, it shoots Raw!

Enjoy! 🙂

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