Calibrate your Monitor

Colour CalibratorGood morning everyone,

This is a follow up on the previous post about taking care of your monitor. By now, you know how important monitor calibration is. One important message to remember, your monitor is not calibrated and it is your job to calibrate it using a colour calibrator.

There are many colour calibrators on the market, I have been using Colorvision Spyder for a couple of years now and that’s the one I’m going to show you today.

People asked me to create a tutorial that shows how to use the colour calibrator, how to calibrate a monitor so today I am going to share with you a tutorial that shows how to do it.

It is a very simple process that guides you through (the software that comes with the calibrator will tell you what to do once you launch it). And when you’re done, the software will create a colour profile that is going to load into the operating system upon starting the computer.

And as promised, here’s the video for you:

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