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Adobe CertifiedHello again, thank you for stopping by.

Today, we’ll talk about getting Adobe Certified. If you want to get “noticed in the crowd” or upgrade your skills, get certified. You can get a payrise or find a new job, and if you become Adobe Certifed, you can use the Adobe logo on your documentation (your cv, your website etc.).

If you are proficient in your chosen product, with a little bit of study, there is no reason why you should not pass the Adobe Certified Expert exam. There is an exam for most Adobe products, so you can become an Adobe Certifed Expert in Photoshop, Lightroom or Flash etc. Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and it’s the best way to communicate your proficiency in one of the Adobe products.

What is an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)?

An Adobe Certified Expert is a person who demonstrated a proffessional level of knowledge of one of the Adobe products and passed an exam.

There is another level of certification: ACA.

What is an ACA (Adobe Certified Associate)?

An Adobe Certified Associate is a person who demonstrated an ectry level of knowledge of one of the Adobe products and passed an exam.

All the exams are computer based and take place at one of the exam centres found in every country. You can take the exam in centers around the globe.

How can I prepare for the exams?

We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Enjoy! 🙂

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