Be careful where you buy software from

adobe logoThis sounds like a simple and obvious thing, but I have heard from so many people that they bought adobe software for a really good price and later on, suddenly, they found out that the software they purchased was counterfeit. These users usually find out about their software being counterfeit when they try to get an upgrade. And it sounds like a very frustrating situation.

What can you do? First of all, be careful where you buy your software from. If you’re spending money, make sure you don’t  pay for counterfeit software. There are many places where you can purchase Photoshop or Lightroom (or any adobe software), just be careful.

As an example, you can purchase Photoshop or Lightroom from Amazon, but make sure you purchase it straight from Amazon, who are an authorized adobe reseller, not from an individual seller selling software on amazon. I’m not saying don’t buy software from resellers on amazon, just be careful who you buy it from. There are some genuine, honest sellers on websites like amazon.

If you’re looking for an authorised reseller, look here:

Adobe Authorised Resellers.

I would definitely say that if you find Photoshop, as an example, really cheap – the official price of Photoshop CS5 is £657 in the UK – something’s wrong. I remember once, long time ago, someone showed me a website that was selling Photoshop for about £300! I knew something was wrong as it’s just impossible to get Photoshop so cheap. So if you find it very cheap, be careful because there’s something wrong. Or double check if it’s not the Student & Teacher Edition – for example Lightroom 3 would only cost you £76 in the UK (full retail version around £220).

I hope you enjoyed reading and I’m looking forward to hearing from you to find out what you think.

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