Are you backing up?

Backup in Lightroom header with Marek MularczykDo you create regular backups in Lightroom? You know how important this is, don’t you?

What if work from an external hard drive and it breaks down? What would you do? Back up, back up, back up… Fortunately Lightroom will prompt you for a back up, but so often people skip it, saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Remember to do regular backups, but bear in mind that Lightroom will only back up your catalogue. It doesn’t back up the images. Remember to create another copy of the back up in case of a hard drive crush (or if you loose it). But. really important is creating back ups of your images. If you loose your catalogue, you have lost a lot of work (catalogue remembers all the changes you made to the images), but you can recreate it.

However, if you loose the images, there is nothing you can do… It’s like loosing the negatives if you were to work on film and you didn’t print them.

So, remember to back up. And back up your back up! 😉

See you tomorrow!

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