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Adobe supports open standards

AdobeOn March 9th, Adobe announced that they would support OpenStand initiative.

Why? Because OpenStand is good for the Web, good for users, and good for Adobe.

It increases innovation, openness, and allows greater participation in evolving the Internet.

The Web is built on standards. Formal and informal standards. Some standards are built by organisations like W3C as an example, others are built by users, developers.

OpenStand takes a simple position on these organizations – if the organization is open, transparent, balanced, has due process in creation, and has broad consensus – then the organization and its specifications are legitimate.

The Internet is ubiquitous – from mobile phones to tablets to desktops – all form factors and so many different devices. It is great time for creative representation on the web, and it should be driven by innovation. And then, the innovation should be “standardised” so users can access it and interoperate with complementary services.

Adobe keeps working on standards and keeps helping other organisations like Google and W3C to document and test these innovative activities. And that’s what OpenStand is all about, which is why Adobe has chosen to support it.

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