Adobe Ideas 1.1

Adobe IdeasOk, let’s get started. What’s that Adobe Ideas? And why is it 1.1? You haven’t told us anything about this product yet…

Let me explain.

I thought now it is time to reveal Adobe Ideas to you all. Actually, to iPad users…

Adobe Ideas is a FREE application for an iPad. It allows you to use a big screen on the device to sketch your ideas using your fingers! And all that in vector format! That’s even better! 🙂

Once you created a sketch, you can easily share it in pdf format (you can simply email it straight from the application itself). It can then be opened in Adobe Illustrator. While working on the sketch, you can use colours from your Library or you can use images as backgrounds and sketch/draw on top of the image.

Adobe Ideas can be downloaded from the link below:

Adobe Ideas for iPhone and iPad.

What’s new in Adobe Ideas 1.1? First of all, Layers! 🙂

What else is new? You can now Undo and Redo in the application. You can also save your drawings out to the photo roll. You can find more details in this article by Erik Bernskiold:

Adobe Ideas 1.1 by Erik Bernskiold.

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