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Adobe announces Creative Cloud 2014

Last week Adobe published a teaser of what’s coming to Creative Cloud – a sneek peak preview of a new feature in Photoshop CC.

As well as adding a new feature – Focus Masks – that we already know about, today’s official announcement brings a host of mostly minor new features including new blur effects, updates to content aware fill, and improvements to tools like smart guides.

They include:

  • A new blur filter gallery offering motion effects like spin and path blur
  • Colour and texture blending adjustments for content aware fill
  • ‘Smarter’ smart guides that provide more information about positions of the layers
  • A redesigned color panel
  • Access to recently used brushes
  • Experimental feature manager (an opt-in option for trying out pre-release features).

As well as new applications within the Creative Cloud, Adobe have also announced that they will offer the Photoshop Photography programme with a bundle of Photoshop & Lightroom now officially for $9.99 a month, and not as a limited special offer. This is the same offer that has been running for some time but now it is a permanent offer.

Some other impressive features, brand new features in Photoshop CC are:

Blur Gallery motion effects – Path Blur and Spin Blur create a sense of motion, even if not originally captured with a camera, enabling photographers to tell their story or express just the right feeling in an image. There’s also faster performance when creating blur effects with the Mercury Graphics Engine delivering a performance boost with OpenCL.

Improved stylus support and experimental features for Windows 8.1 – smoother brush strokes with expanded stylus support for Windows 8.1

More to follow.

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