80-gigapixel panorama of London!

Can you imagine an 80 Gigapixel image? What about an 80 Gigapixel image of London?

80-Gigapixel panorama of London is an image (or actually a series of images put together) by a photographer Jeffrey Martin. And this is not his first one! He has already created a panorama of Prague before.

The 80-Gigapixel panorama of London consists of 7,886(!) high resolution images. 80-Gigapixels means 80 billion pixels, which is an amazing amount of detail! According to the owner of the image, this image is the largest image ever to be created and if printed, it would be 115′ long!

He took three days to shoot all the images and the images were taken from the 36th floor of the Centre Point Building in Central London (in case you don’t know the building, it’s next to Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. To put all the images together, he had to use some massive computer processing power. Fujitsu Technology Solutions provided the Fujitsu CELSIUS workstation that has a dual 6-core CPUs, 192GB(!) of RAM, and a 4GB graphics card that did it in 18 hours. Total processing took about six weeks.

Here’s the link to the image:

London 80 Gigapixels on 360 cities.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow! 🙂

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