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The history of the Web – the key moments

Today, I thought I would share with you some key moments in the history of the Web – the last twenty years with some major moments.


The Enquire project launches World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee develops the first website.


The year of Mosaic – the first web browser hits the market.


HTML 2.0 – Tim Berners-Lee develops HTML 2.0, that becomes the first standard specification with the future ones to follow.


Macromedia releases Flash 1 – a vector-based platform for multimedia on the web.


Google launches a search engine that changes the way people search for content online


Web 2.0 launches – the next generation of web technologies emerges to bring blogs and web applications to the masses.


Facebook launches and changes the way people connect online, it is the year that starts social networking.


Mobile devices start ruling – this is the first year when more people use mobile devices than computers to access internet.

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