Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Essentials

Lightroom BrushHere’s an interesting article for you. Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Essentials with Rob Sylvan.

Learn how to master the Adjustment Brush Tool in Lightroom with Rob Sylvan from Lightroomers. In this article, Rob details some interesting insights into using the Adjustment Brush and shares his tips and techniques.

Adjustment Brush Tool is used to make local adjustments to your images. While making adjustments, you can use a mix of different settings like colour, saturation, contrast, exposure and more.

I remember when Adjustment Brush was introduced in Lightroom 2. It was probably the most amazing new feature in Lightroom 2, I just loved it and I have been using it since then. And the Adjustment Brush is non-destructive – the adjustments it creates can be edited or removed at any time. And remember, Lightroom remembers everything you do while working on our images so you can track it down at any time! No limits to History (unlike in Photoshop).

Here’s the link to the Rob’s article:

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Essentials by Rob Sylvan.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂


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